Several times...

Way... way behind on updating. I know.

I've been very busy between work and other projects, such as moving. Luckily, I had the opportunity to start working on a new site for kids... I don't want to spoil it yet, but I imagine a launch in the next month or so.

In addition, I have a handful of new camp songs (as always) just waiting to be recorded and posted... I've been getting a lot of positive praise on YouTube which is encouraging.

Some day soon, though, I am going to have to rant about YouTube... rather about the teenagers and tweens that choose to write negative comments. I'm not overwhelmed with negative words, but there are enough to startle anyone who works with kids. There's something about the perceived anonymity that the Internet offers that entices young people to spew what I would consider hate language.

I'll cover that topic soon. I'm just reminding everyone that I'm still around :-)