Opening the Adventure.

Howdy! Welcome to my new Camp Songs blog. This will basically be a repository for my thoughts concerning any kid or fun interactions, including new songs, games and activities for large groups of children.

Why camp songs? They bring people together. They are fun and goofy. They grab your attention. They bookmark memories.

I had groups of 17 year-olds singing the Hippo song like crazy last summer - LIKE CRAZY. Not only that, all of these campers came into the situation hating the idea of singing. This was a tech camp... and to butcher a "League of Their Own" quote, "There's no singing in tech camp!"

But there was. A great deal of singing, in fact.

Younger humans have a lot more to gain from singing such silly songs. They are active and imaginative; they require memorization and involve patterns; they open a world of visuals and poetic language in an accessible style... and "they be fun, yo!"

So sing your heart out! I'll post as often as I have related thoughts (or my boss is looking the other way).

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