More Numbers.

Did you know that "Baby Shark" has had over 10,000 views?

Did you know that combined, my videos have been seen over 100,000 times on Google Video?

Unbelievable (and wonderful)!

I think that perhaps Bryan and I could plan some sort of East Coast tour about making better decisions... Something like "Pete and Bryan: brought to you by Good Decisions" and do a mock television show with multimedia interactive goodness. Of course we'd sing a ton and do some really goofy bits throughout the day...

In brief we'd arrive at the school around 9 AM and visit some class rooms for some team building activities. The afternoon would be highlighted with an all-school assembly to promote better decision making, although the kids won't know that... they'll be too busy laughing and singing and participating.

The follow-through would be activity sheets for the following weeks as well as an up-to-date web presence that's safe for kids (and adults)! Then we'd do the whole thing at another school the next day... 100 schools in 100 days... or more? That would be pretty exciting!

Bryan thinks that we could get a company to sponsor this venture... I think that it would have to be a combination of sponsorship and a small fee from the school's programming budget. Of course, I'm not an expert when it comes to these types of numbers :-/

Do you think this is possible? Is there a call for it? Would a company sponsor us?

100,000 hits and growing... someone is taking notice...


Anonymous said...

Someone posted your url to the Music K-8 listserve for general music teachers a day or two ago. So that accounts for one visit (mine) :-) and probably another thousand or so

Coach Lion said...

Hey Pete,
Do you allow schools to use your videos for educational purposes? I'd love to use some of your stuff in the classroom, but not if it infringes on copyright or royalties. I'm asking permission, as opposed to begging for forgiveness.
Coach Lion