New Year.

Ah, 2008... who ever thought we would see you. Another year, another chance to lament the fact that I spend my days inside a cubicle world (although I do enjoy my job) instead of being outside in the wilderness enhancing the lives of young people...

This year is filled with promising projects for me... There are a couple of museums in the works that will have my interactive touch. I am blessed to have gone to so many museums as a child (thanks Mom and Dad) so that I can give a fairly accurate viewpoint of the typical (or atypical) child. These spaces are becoming more and more interesting... to a point that we're not really allowed to use the name "museum" anymore, rather "experience" or "institute."

Anyway, I have a couple of projects JUST FOR YOU in the works as well. Certainly, I am way behind in my professional cuts of the more popular camp songs... so that will be a priority. I am teaching a Photoshop class to some high schoolers tomorrow (gasp!) so I hope that goes well... perhaps leading to more opportunities in that area. Jamie (my Assistant Director at iD Vassar) may be coming back to iD this year... and we're planning on running the NYC Marathon... or rather I am planning on jogging the NYC Marathon with moments of walking, crying and perhaps napping.

That should be fun. Other projects are in the works... I will start posting more and maybe some podcasting, newsletters and more... just be patient :-)

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