I know it's not the greatest...

...but we're at least trying!

Kid's Site 2: The Webpage is not being created by the best actors on the planet... in fact, it's probably obvious that we'd rather be outside than in front of a camera. And we *do* both have day jobs so until we streamline the long and tedious editing process, we're going to be limited in our ability to spend time creating quality content.

We're trying because of the numerous emails and comments we get about our songs. Granted, creating a web-show is a much greater undertaking than an afternoon of singing camp songs, but Bryan and I feel that we have a lot to share... and this is how we chose to share.

Constructive criticism is valued the most...

Here are a couple of examples why:

from Jen in Burma / Thailand
...anyways thanks for the great ideas, and
the entertaining videos. I love your trio - you are good children's
entertainers and your campers are lucky to have you.
from Jean, a Music Teacher
You've done a really great favor to a lot of teachers by including video and sorting the songs into types.
from Wendy, a librarian
I enjoyed looking at your site.

ANYWAY... we will continue to try until we run out of material or no one finds our content valuable... which will hopefully be a long time.

1 comment:

Janna said...

My nephew has enjoyed seeing the videos and trying out some of the songs. He even practiced the 2nd magic trick for about 45mins. My hope is that he will be able to watch y'all more and want to go to a sleep away camp finally this summer!
Will you be having special guest females? My 9yr old cousin watched two of the videos and proclaimed it was only for boys. Granted you get that attitude in real life at camp as well.
I really am thrilled for my nephew to finally see it can be fun!