Question about Fictional Characters...

Hey All -

Here's a question for the educational community: Is there research that refers to the "voice" of the educational materials?

Who writes our textbooks? When I was growing up, the majority were written like encyclopedias - no characterization or personality. Would that help?

Imagine learning about history from several different fictional characters who lived at the time. There would be a small level of editorial leeway (wow, that's how it's spelled?) given, but for the most part the information would be shared from a viewpoint that the students could relate to... such as a colonial soldier during the Revolutionary War or a kid living in England at the time (or both!)

...just thinking out loud.

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Dig said...

I believe the "Dear America" series of historical fiction books are written that way and very popular reading the higher elementary-middle school students. My daughter read all the ones "written" by girls. But I'm a math teacher - what do I know about history?