The Golden Hammer, Territory Tepee and a new camera...

Hey all. As camp season starts, I am reminded of some of my favorite traditions...

One such, at an old camp, is the "Golden Hammer." This prestigious award is given at the camp banquet by the Head of Grounds. Every season, the Service Staff pays close attention to those who serve camp. One person (or two on special occasions), is selected for outstanding contributions to the facility - the specific attributes changing year to year with the individual(s). This was the highest award and most revered among the upper staff. What's the highest award at your camp?

[mine's above]

Territory Tepee was a game I created specifically for my old camp. It's a wonderful combination of Risk and Capture the Flag... I will post the rules soon. A tease, though, is the map [shown above]... enjoy!

[I have a new camera!]

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