Minor Facelifting

My original songs site is http://games.greenghoulie.com (which happens to be a wonderful resource). Unfortunately, I never really set myself up for quick updates, as a content management system or blog would provide. Since I've struggled with CMS software in the past (I'm horrible at CSS), the blog was the way to go... and since I want this to be totally kid-safe, I chose blogger because I have less of a chance to be SPAM-graffiti'ed, as other blogs have been.

Anyway, I'm attempting to make that whole interface more user friendly, since most of my video hits are through that... so check it out. The colors are in a constant rotation, until I perfect the look I want... on all monitors (silly Mac / PC color difference~!~).

I will eventually trash the whole site for a sleeker interface, but until then please make due and refer to this splendiferous blog for all of your camp song updates!

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