Music and Camp Songs

So, I'm all right on the lyrics end, but I'm not completely spectacular at coming up with catchy jingles. One incredibly important aspect of camp songs is familiarity. Many times an old melody will be repurposed for great song (On Top of Spaghetti, The Peanut Song, and etc). I suppose the answer to my constant melodic problems is to listen to classic tunes from yesteryear...

Coming soon? A "Swanee River" knockoff! Check back ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I found your site when I googled "Black Socks". A Girl Scout cookie song borrows the tune, but I'd never heard it before so I turned to the internet. I LOVE your site! I sent the link to all the Girl Scout leaders I know, and I can't wait to show my troop. Good luck on the taking over the world thing- I'll be rooting for you! :)