New songs a comin'

There are many new songs a-comin' (as it were)!

My sister was down for the weekend and recorded three new ones for me... "Black Socks" < which she says is under copyright somewhere, so use it sparingly; "I'm a Nut" < so very fun; and "...hmm..." I just realized I don't remember the correct title of the third song. It's about a bear... and unfortunately it includes a gun (many a fine camp song has been retired for inclusion of weapons).

That brings me to a thought that I cannot fully discuss because of pressing "work" and so forth that must be done (darn loans). "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" was one of my favorite *kids* songs (note, I don't call it a camp song) and now I'm a little annoyed... as "perhaps she'll die" has been replaced by "perhaps she'll cry."

Generally I am for appropriateness, but I don't think that censoring reality from a kid - such as the prospect that if you eat a ton of crazy animals you will eventually die - is necessary. One can't sugarcoat the world, especially in a case where "There was an Old..." is a silly fun song... Just my opinion.

I had a parent once replace the word "tick" with "ladybug" because he son was not allowed to use "tick." I was sensitive to her request, but her son is going to interact with other campers and be exposed to this stuff... and frankly, the word itself should be the least of his troubles...

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