A chant and a video camera (kind of)

Hey all! I got a nifty little camera to tape things specifically for this blog (and other such projects)! Woohoo! This means that new vids should be popping up periodically (weekly if not daily).

Here's a chant to get you through the day... now, I didn't write this one, but I'm pretty sure you never heard it before (thank you Larissa and... Xena?)

"Ooh Alay Alay" (this is a repeat-after-me chant)

Ooh alay alay

Alay a chika chonga

Ooh alay alay GO TEAM!


Anonymous said...

Oh a Milkshake
A Sticky Sticky Waffle
A mozzarella pizza
All the eggs, all the eggs are broken.
That really was nothing.
We can sing it LOUDER (or SOFTER)

bri350294 said...

When I went to Camp Copneconic for a helper there they sung this song and it was a repeat after me song and EVERYBODY loved so.... Anonymous good choice!!!!!!!!! :)