A Bad DAY :-P

Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

I missed a plane today - :-/

Oh well. You just have to try your best, right? :-)

Anyway, hmm... So remember morning announcements? They're incredibly important, etc, etc... Well, one of the fun things about morning announcements are the skits.

At first, Nacho and I reenacted famous scenes from movies (something from Star Wars was the first one, if I recall correctly)... That got uninteresting fast, so we had to come up with some original material. We built off of the Superhero / Villain dynamic that kids loves and made some ridiculously wacky personae.

Dr. Underpants, for instance, (who, BTW had nothing at all to do with "Captain Underpants") tried to take over camp several times and was always thwarted by the resident hero, Captain Tepee. The plot started simply and then evolved into a multi-character soap opera involving Major Pain, The Dark Lord of the Tepee, Princess Tepee, Shiny Shirt Man and Bold Man to name a few...

Eventually they all fell to the cunning and daring of Captain Tepee (or Princess Tepee)... except for Shiny Shirt Man who *did* successfully take over camp a couple of times.

[more 2 come]

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