Picture Perfect.

What is the purpose of this blog?

At first I wanted to keep a repository of new songs as I learned them - in an easily maintained place (as opposed to greenghoulie.com which is brutal and in definite need of an overhaul). Once I started writing stuff, I concluded that I could share some of the many camp secrets I've come across over the years...

Now I've decided to chronicle my own camp career in order for others to observe and absorb some of my knowledge.

This is why the last post was about Dr. Underpants (among others). Since I'm mostly posting from work, my access to camp pictures is limited (currently), but I will fix that in the coming weeks. Even though this is my hobby and at times I cannot work as hard on this as I desire, this is my love - CAMP is my love.

I need to get to a couple camps this summer for some singin'. If you would like a special guest (at a very low cost), I am more than willing to take a vacation day to entertain some campers. Whether it be 5 or 500, I have a couple tricks up my sleeve that will really excite and charge the kids and staff alike....

*Just let me know*

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