Commercial Break

A fairly common element of Summer Camp is the *Talent Show*. At my previous camp, this event came only once at the very end of the summer. There were 2 days: kids and staff. The oldest campers would sometimes be invited to perform their skits / whatever again at the staff show if they were a big hit.

The kids talent show was broken into 2 chunks as well, as the youngest campers deserve to participate, but cannot possibly take an entire afternoon sitting. They would do their customized event somewhere else and then join the rest of camp for the last hour or so.

Anyway, I was the MC along with my constant sidekick, Bryan. The first year I did MC duty, I wanted to regulate time - which meant that I needed my own little group of mini-skits to use as filler. Another director and I found a couple of CDs of old advertising jingles from television and... well... basically used the interstitial time for ad placements. Of course, it normally included dancing around incredibly silly and then smearing the product all over ourselves... I think that I ended up chugging ketchup one year because of this...

But the whole thing was very humorous, well-received and successful. The reason I bring any of this up is because I am seeing "They Might Be Giants" tonight and they happened to cover one of the songs we used (completely coincidentally!). The song is called "The Middle" and is a Public Service Announcement for safe road crossing...


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