The Fastest Growing Game Show Sensation...

I don't have a lot to write today - mostly because I'm completely overtired. I think (perhaps) I may be coming down with something... or maybe I should just adjust my bedtime!

During the Morning Announcements, I liked to host a game show that includes the tag line "The Fastest Growing Game Show Sensation." I believe (and I may be corrected by one of my old employees) that the first appearance of this idea was somewhere in the woods during an activity area. I started with "Win Pete's Money," a nature variation of a show called "Win Ben Stein's Money" and then eventually came to "Will it Float?" a popular time-waster from "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Anyway, the kids loved "Will it Float" and in actuality they just loved the idea that it was the fastest growing game show sensation (in Germany, it turns out).

Further down the road, I used the line for a game during "Wet and Wacky Day" which I used basically as an excuse to soak counselors... and then it became a Morning Announcement ritual.

The game changed constantly. Sometimes it was a trivia question... sometimes something else. Last Summer one of the more popular games was... hmmm... Food, Animal or Both... or something like that. The question was posed in German and generally it was anyone's guess what the answer was!

[more 2 come]

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