The Importance of...

When I started working at my old camp, there was no opening or closing ceremony. In fact, there was nothing really to mark the beginning or end of a day besides the bus drop-off / pick-up. I'm sure there are many staff and camper alike who would swear that such a thing existed back in those days, but the truth is that they didn't... The days came and went, any major announcements being done through paper handouts (yuck!).

I became the Special Events / Specialist Director after a couple of years and took control of the entire schedule. Every day was to have at least 20 minutes before and after camp for announcements, songs, skits and fun.

Since then the morning announcements and closings have been a staple of that camp: a completely necessary and essential part of the day. Although sometimes they drag on a bit or don't really make sense, I recommend that all camps do something similar...

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