The New Hotness

One day, Bryan came to camp wearing a LiveStrong bracelet. I had never seen one, nor had many of the kids or staff. Somehow he had found out about the fund raiser directly when it started...

Anyway, during our morning announcements, he showed off his new bling, referring to it as the "New Hotness." Since the bit was pretty well received and seemed fairly harmless, I started talking to everyone about the New Hotness.

"Do you have the New Hotness?"
"Oh snap! Look at his hotness..."

and so forth.

This started a ridiculously popular LiveStrong fad at my camp, just months before the rest of the world became enamored with the little yellow rubber bands.

Shortly after, Bryan started a New-New Hotness. He was working under the assumption that fads are short and need to be periodically replaced by something equally silly and simple. So Bryan
convinced the campers to wear goggles on their heads all day. My competing Hotness, as I hated the strap digging into my ginormous head was to wear a winter hat during the summer.

Neither of these New-New Hotnesses were as successful as the LiveStrong bracelets, but they were quickly adapted and created positive murmurs throughout camp. The following years we integrated several other kinds of Hotness, all achieving some level of success.

This picture is NOT of the New Hotness, but it's still pretty darn funny. How else do you deal with campers constantly pestering you for the schedule?

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Coach Lion said...

I just wanted to say thank you for posting all of these wonderful songs (as well as the videos). I may not have survived my first year teaching PE without them. Your site has been a huge help to me, and I know for a fact the kids enjoyed singing a lot of the songs you've collected. My kindergarteners absolutely loved "Froggy". Thankfully, my prior Girl Scout camp experience helped me with "The Princess Pat" and "The Hippo Song", but without your mega helpful resources, well, we might have had less fun, and we can't have that in a Phys. Ed class! Keep on posting those songs and games, Pete! Enjoy your summer!