My life goal is to open a camp.

The simple explanation is that it will serve youth-at-risk from September - June and be a *regular* / *traditional* camp for the summer. Of course, no camp that I create will in any way be regular or traditional, but that would be the simplest explanation. In addition to a summer camp for children, two weeks out of the summer (one in June and one in August) will host adult camp, a time for the rest of the population to relive their youthful glory (and occasionally sneak out late at night to cause trouble). Ideally the facility will be a conference center as well and host weekend groups year round.

I was inspired by projects such as Nature's Classroom and NorthBay Adventure, both of which meet school requirements for a 4 - 5 day *field trip* program (the latter serving youth-at-risk in Maryland).

Everyday my imagination creates a more detailed picture of this *camp* experience. Based on experiential education techniques mixed with a fairly sophisticated ubiquitous technological back end, our mission will be to inspire everyone to make better life decisions and see that there's a fork in every path...

Get ready for Camp V.


Beth aka Ringo said...

I'm a married, nearly 30 year old mom of a toddler. I spent one summer as a camp counselor, and it was both the hardest and best summer of my life. I've always fostered a dream of owning my own camp. At my advanced age, and with only that one summer (I spent 10 years working day camp, which was amazing but not the same), it seems somehow unlikely now. I do hope it happens for you as soon as possible. And by ASAP, I mean, like, next summer if possible. Camp is just such an amazing and life-changing thing. I've seen a lot of your stuff online, and I'd be thrilled to send my kid to you for the summer--well, when he's older. Good luck with your dream. It's an incredible one.

Morgan said...

I am 18 and going to graduate in May. I went to 2 day camps and 3 overnight camps (with my parents). Looking back now I wish I had gone to more camps because I feel like I missed out. My imagination has kind of gone crazy in the last month. I babysit in the summer and was expecting 3 boys, but now I just have one. I had basically created a mini summer camp for them. Now I have all these ideas and can't use them. I am thinking of creating a book that would basically be summer camp in a book. I also dream of opening my own summer camp because there aren't many in my area.